Our Name

Our name is a combination of the feminine derivative of the Sanskrit root सर् sar "to flow"; as a masculine stem, आयु áyu means "air, wind", i.e. "that which is streaming”. By definition, we are ex aequo*.

Saryu, is in fact, the founders’ mothers’ name, who decided to rest on February 24th, 2019. The venture was created later that year and honours the woman who has been Payal’s biggest inspiration all through her life. In an era where agility is key, our name is our inspiration - Sarayū or “keep flowing”. A strong, independent yet a most kind and generous human being, she instilled values that are Payal's North Star and carry her through in work as in her personal life.

At Sarayu Consulting, we strive to share this mindset.

Our Logo** is a yarn, spun around, representing that which fulfils a basic need of every human being. - to be clothed. It is also a metaphor for the chaos of the fashion ecosystem.

For the name Sarayū we chose an orderly Japanese font. Together our logo is about finding “Balance in Chaos”

ex aequo* (latin) = of equal footing

Logo** designed by Ms.Prisha Parekh

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