Sarayū x Conscious Luxury

The world is moving faster than we have ever seen. With the rise of social media, the client has been given a centre seat in this eco-system. Disruption is becoming a norm. Conscious creation will not just be a cool marketing gimmick, it will be a necessity. Agility will be a business mantra for all of us if we want to survive, grow and thrive. Innovation will be non-negotiable. The word “sustainability” has been one of the most trending # of 2019. Digital fashionweeks, 3D. AI. Zero Waste. Never before have we seen so many challenges. We think these are incredible opportunities too.
The founding base of Sarayū as we launched it in 2019, well before Covid-19 revolved around accompanying brands for a deeper shift.
Our resolve has only gotten stronger since. We also believe that luxury fashion should be a creatively led industry and not distracted by “marketing”.

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For the existing players, it has become critical to rethink how they create, produce and distribute keeping the planet and its people in mind. Luxury, by definition, is about rarity, exclusivity, savoir-faire. About the highest achievable quality. We believe that luxury brands, have not only the best chance to turning their businesses as green as possible, but also bear the responsibility of leading the way. Long gone will be the days of thinking only the next collection or the next product launch. Fashion will have to learn to un-learn and relearn both individually and collectively. At Sarayū, we also understand that these are complex frameworks to lay down, especially if you are a 100-year old brand with a deep rooted brand culture and processes in place. For the emerging brands, as much as it is a challenge, it is also a boon. Start on a fresh page. Most importantly, think critically, know your goals, and get your business plan aligned with it.

Fashion makes us smile. It makes us happy. It makes us look and feel better. Time for it to also make the planet and all it’s people feel better. As we all begin to engage in the conversation more meaningfully - brands - manufacturers - consultants - journalists - clients - no matter who you are, we all must endeavour to make a real impact. The rise of social media has accentuated name calling, without understanding how deep rooted and systemic the changes need to be. The onus lies not only with the brands, but with all the actors in the eco system, including our governments.

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With two decades of being immersed in the system, we know the global manufacturing eco system inside-out. A deep understanding acquired through solid, on-the-job experiences. It is this knowledge that we will dig deep into, to find solutions that work for your brand. What does being sustainable really mean? Why “green washing” is a very bad idea? How do you actually go about making your entire product value chain sustainable? And, then again, can you ? As Industry 4.0 actually starts making its entry into the fashion world, our mission is to partner with brands on projects that combine technology, while respecting the intrinsic nature of creation- led businesses.

Our vision is one of long term sustainable fashion. One that is and should remain global.

Our mission is to help you weave your brand story. Just like our logo. Find balance and order in the chaos.

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