Payal Kshatriya Cerri

Payal Kshatriya Cerri

A global career in luxury fashion spanning over 25 years, Payal Kshatriya Cerri lives in Paris since 2003, the city she calls home.

Over the last two decades, Payal has held honed her creative and business skills as part of the best-in-class think-tanks, through Global Leadership positions at iconic French houses Bonpoint and then at Chanel. Prior to which, she waspart of the small team reviving the iconic Givenchy brand under Riccardo Tisci’s Artistic Direction. In 2007, Payal was chosen to represent Givenchy in the first ever edition of the “EllesVMH” initiative.

Armed with an MBA in International Luxury Brand Management from the prestigious Essec Business School in Paris in 2004, she first dived into the luxury fashion world through internships at Jean Paul Gaultier and Valentino, in Paris.

Prior to the MBA, Payal has worked in India in various roles in Product Merchandising and Retail in the textile & fashion industry.

As probably the only Indian to have worked and also have held leadership positions in the heart of Paris before "diversity" became a topic, she has, with utmost discretion, been the “backstage insider” in the closed luxury world for two decades. A privilege, she is proud to have earned through hard work and merit. 

Integrity, discretion, perseverance, loyalty and generosity, values that reflect through her work, are high on her agenda.

A temporary family corporate relocation brings her to make Dubai home from early 2019 till 2020.  An up close view of the regions’ fragmented ecosystem and gaps, the timing was ideal for her to dedicate her expertise and passion to support established and emerging luxury ventures. 

Thus was born “Sarayu Consulting”, operating in Paris since 2020.An International Fashion & Luxury Boutique Consulting Firm, with a modern, agile and multidisciplinary approach. 

In 2021, high midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Payal embarks on a very ambitious project. To turn around the then recently launched, Middle East Fashion Council and Middle East Fashion Week, as Board member and Co-Founder
Her contribution results in 2 very successful launch editions at the highest international level. 5 day events covering 30 Fashion Shows, B2B Showrooms and Sustainable Fashion Forums co-hosted with industry leaders such as The Sustainable City and Deloitte Middle East

Payal Kshatriya  Cerri

Money does not make a project. 
A project makes money.

Payal Kshatriya Cerri

Work is not all her pizza….

A lover of languages, she is a naturally gifted polyglot. She effortlessly speaks English, French, Italian, Gujarati and Hindi. She is also a literature-buff, and practices yoga from a young age. She enjoys modern jazz dancing in Parisian studios, has travelled the world for work and pleasure.  And she enjoys experimenting in her kitchen with global cuisines.

Her story would be incomplete without a mention of Italy - representing for her the home of the slow food movement, a spontaneous art of living, an entrepreneurial spirit kept alive through generations. And of course a centuries old contribution to what artisanship, design, fashion and luxury are today.

With Paris, Bombay, Dubai, Milan is also home. Her long time love and husband is, in fact, Milanese. Might just explain her love for the hidden “bellezza” of the Milanese homes and courtyards.

A truly global citizen, when Payal speaks of multiculturalism, you know you can safely take her seriously. Bridging cultural differences into the business world, she is ALL IN !