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we combine big thinking with practical action for sustainable results

Let’s put this simply. We know by experience how tough it is to successfully run a luxury business, a fashion platform, or a brand, no matter its size.

We believe that our P&I’s (People & Impact) is what actually will determine your long term P&L’s (Profit & Loss)

Our approach to projects, regardless of company size, is to support you to  proactively manage forwards.

At Sarayu, we keep circling back to the WHY in our projects. It is what we call our North Star. It helps us help YOU solve complex challenges that are inherent to businesses. 

And we at Sarayu - Why do we do what we do ? 
Because our founder is passionate enough to have dedicated 27 years of her life to the fashion industry. It is, simply put, in our DNA.We understand the complexity of ecosystems through insider experience. Not as an outsider.

We believe in and respect the out-of-ordinary human talents that distinguish a product or a service that go into creating the magic that is "excellence in luxury".

We believe that Sustainability is not, and should not, not be a trend, but a way of doing business. And we believe in walking our talk. Ditto for Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity. 

We know that “One size does not fit all”

And most importantly, because  we enjoyworking with clients who think forward and want to make an impact. Who believe in the power of innovation. 

Luxury consulting firm in Paris


Our mission is to help you weave your success. Find balance and order in the chaos of the fashion ecosystem. Just like our logo.


Our vision is to create long term value for luxury and fashion businesses, while making them also more “conscious” of the planet, its people and its rich ecosystem. 


From upstream to downstream, Payal has covered the entire value chain in strategy and operations for SMEs and large global brands across Ready-To-Wear, Haute Couture and Accessories. Travelling Normandy to New Delhi, Antananarivo to Bucharest and Milan to Marrakech, she has driven many a collection from drawing boards into the clients wardrobes. Striving for that perfect blend of craftsmanship, excellence in design & innovation, while creating desire and balancing the numbers. It is this sense of true and long lasting luxury that remains very much at the core of Sarayu.

About Payal
Payal Kshatriya Cerri


Our name is a combination of the feminine derivative of the Sanskrit root सर् sar "to flow"; as a masculine stem, आयु áyu means "air, wind", i.e. "that which is streaming”. By definition, we are ex aequo*.

Saryu is in fact, the founders’ mothers’ name, who decided to rest on February 24th, 2019. The venture was created later that year and honours the woman who has been Payal’s biggest inspiration all through her life.

In an era where agility is key, our name is our inspiration - Sarayū or “keep flowing”

Our Logo is a yarn, spun around, representing that which fulfils a basic need of every human being. - to be clothed. It is also a visual metaphor for the complexity of the fashion ecosystem.

For the name Sarayū we chose an orderly Japanese font. Together our logo is about finding “Balance in Chaos” in our beloved fashion ecosystem

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