our experience, insights & network in the luxury business at your service

What is your brand equity and how can you as a brand or a service, build profitable and  purposeful businesses while building a community, creating joy and providing something that your competitors cannot? This is where Sarayu Consulting steps in for you!

A catalyst of creative solutions from design to client’s wardrobes, we commit to bring you the detailed attention, excellence and best in class expertise, with an eye on your budget.

Whether you are a a young designer/founder, a mid-sized brand or business, or a global luxury power house, our services are tailored and adapted to the size of your company.  


All in.



As we move to a more globally connected world, with hybrid work places and systems, hiring external experts has become a solution of choice for not only SMEs but also established luxury houses. As a 360° end-to-end service, we help our clients harness the power of both mature and evolving markets. Compared to hiring and integrating in-house staff, this route is often cost-effective and efficient

Hiring Sarayu Consulting as your partner, for your up and/or downstream needs means

  • In Depth expertise to create strategies and manage with long term sustainable solutions.
  • A much needed critical outsider perspective, with insider industry insights.
  • global vision of trendsand innovation tapping into our pulse and opportunities in industry
  • Strategic thinking to turn around, scale up, launch a new brand or product, or engage new markets as an expansion plan. 
  • A truly multilingual  and multicultural  team bridging cultural differences in the business world.
  • Management and Operational support at every stage of the project.
  • Access to industry best practices and our stellar global network.
Payal Kshatriya Cerri